About me

Hi there I am Daniel currently I live and work in nennhausen as a freelancing developer with emphasis on Web. Before that time my home was at Uhura Creative Media as a developer.

With fondness I have been working on projects with Python and/or Javascript. For example games, websites, singlepage- and mobile apps.

I also love the frontend part of creating websites. Setup a HTML and CSS page from a user interface layout. The challenges given from designers and CSS by setting up a website are also welcome.

About this site

This website is primarily used for self-expression as a developer. In addition, this page also serves as a job application, individual parts are hidden behind a login.

As a friend of open source, this site will use some open source projects too. The base consists on Flask a micorframework for python. This site is quite static so there is no need for a database. The frontend is build on top of PureCSS and LessCSS, what gives me enough flexablility.


Daniel Brüggemann \ Buckower Straße 19 \ 14715 Nennhausen \ Germany